e-cigarette-brands-ukSome of the better E Cig products include Bull Smoke for their comparatively inexpensive starter kit. Its £29.95 price with 10 cartridges and 2 batteries compared favorably with others at twice the price. Bull Smoke is also a favorite of many smokers.

EverSmoke is very impressive with its long lasting batteries, great flavors, a draw that is pleasant with lots of smoke.

Green Smoke is a company that has been in business for a while. It seems to have the right amount of vapor and and a throat hit (amount of nicotine) that just seems right, which makes it a favorite.

V2 scored well for pricing and the device certainly looks like the real thing, but the vapor seemed a little light and the cartridges seemed to lose their flavor very quickly.

South Beach also seems to lack the vapor and the flavor, and in addition, the price is not competitive at all. Things are a little weird as well, such as the warranty only being active with a home delivery of cartridges. Pretty average.

Simply E Liquid are not worth the price for the lackluster amount of vapor that is produced. They do have a decent variety of flavors, but there is no option for a manual battery and it doesn’t last as long as promised. Not a good option at all.

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